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SBETgaming Commission Structure (For Slot & Fishing Game)
( Sole Discretion of SBETgaming )

You can receive 20% to 50% of your affiliate member's net losses as your affiliate commission in SBETgaming affiliate program.

NGR Below MYR 50k
NGR MYR 50k to MYR 100k
NGR MYR 100,001 to MYR 300k
NGR MYR 300,001 and above
(Minimum Payout = MYR 50.00)

Above is the SBETgaming Affiliate Program's Commission Rate Table. ( Commission Rate is based on member's net losses. )

Important: With at least 5 active members (total 2,000 turnover for all the members have bet in the month) will entitle you to start earning commission.

Example 1: If Company net profit ( Member total net losses (NGR)) is MYR 40,000 and shown in the table above, affiliate commission rate will be 20%. (shown in the table above)

Example 2: If Company net profit ( Member total net losses (NGR)) is MYR 100,000 and shown in the table above, affiliate commission rate will be 30%. (shown in the table above)

Example 3: If Company net profit ( Member total net losses (NGR)) is MYR 350,000 and shown in the table above, affiliate commission rate will be 50%. (shown in the table above)

  • With a 20% commission rate, 20% of members' net losses is your commission. Increase in members' net losses and active members will enable you to earn more.
  • We monitor our affiliates' performance and may contact you directly to increase your commission rate.
  • Sportsbook and 4D product not included at the profit and loss statement calculation.
  • All affiliates are subjected to administrative and marketing costs incurred directly for the acquisition of members.
  • The cost is deducted from the revenue on a monthly basis. These cost may include the following
    1. Payment charges – Deposit and withdrawal charges involving all the affiliate's members.
    2. Media Fees – Any fees that incurred towards SBETgaming to support or assist affiliate in conjunction with promotions or marketing purposes.
    3. Promotion bonuses – Monetary bonuses or rebates given to the affiliate's members.


  • There will only be one payout per each calendar month. While we offer free payout transactions we will not be held responsible if the receiving financial institute impose a fee of any kind at their end.
  • There is a minimum amount of MYR 50 or equivalent currency for payout to take effect. Any amount below this threshold will be carried forward to the next month.

SBETgaming reserves the right to alter or amend and/or add any of the terms mentioned above as we deemed fit.

SBETgaming reserves the right to cancel the affiliate account at any point of time without prior notice in the event the affiliate's performance does not meet our expected quotas at a given period of time.

Welcome to SBETgaming Affiliate Program

SBETgaming Affiliate Program is providing our affiliate member the most attractive profit sharing structure. All SBETgaming Affiliate member can enjoy up to 50% of commissions.

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  • We are providing World-Class Gaming Product: Sportsbook, Live Casino, 4D, Slot game,Poker and RNG Slot Games etc..
  • Our effective market analysis and marketing strategy which guaranteed high members conversion and retention rate.
  • Highest Commission Given in the Field.
  • Commission Rate Up to 50%
  • We are providing user-friendly software consists of online reporting of your affiliate performance.
  • We have a well-trained affiliate team who will full-filled your requirement.

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SBETgaming Affiliate Program

  1. What is the SBETgaming Affiliate Program?

    The Affiliate Program is a Partnership Program which allows you to receive commission on every player you referred to SBETgaming based on the player's wagering activity over the course of the player's account life.

  2. Is there a set up fee?

    To sign up in SBETgaming Affiliate Program is absolutely free!

  3. How can I register with the affiliate program?

    To join our Affiliate Program, simply fill out the Registration Form found in our website by accessing this: link and within a few days you will be received an email by our Affiliate Program Manager regarding your acceptance into the program. For the meantime, please read through our terms and conditions by accessing this link.

  4. Can the affiliate himself also be a player?

    Affiliates will not be allowed to place wagers using an Affiliate account. An affiliate needs to register and use his/her player account in able to place wagers.

  5. Can an affiliate have more than one account?

    Affiliate shall not have more than one affiliate account, nor shall an Affiliate be allowed to earn commissions on their own or through any related parties.

  6. What if i don't have a website, can i still join?

    To participate in the SBET Affiliate Program, you should have a Website that has online gambling as its central theme. Should you not have a website, SBETgaming Affiliate will however review cases on an individual basis. Please email [email protected] for more information..

  7. If I have multiple websites, do i need to create multiple affiliate accounts?

    If you have multiple websites, you only need to apply once to SBETgaming Affiliates and use the same affiliate ID for multiple sites. You can also set up separate tracking codes for each site, so you compare how well each site performs. There is no need to create another account for every website created, since Affiliates are not allowed to have multiple accounts.

  8. What is the percentage of profit that I get paid?

    SBETgaming offers one of the best Affiliate Program commissions available in the Internet Gaming industry today. Our affiliates can enjoy up to a 50% net profit. SBETgaming guarantees you one of the best conversion ratios on the web today.

  9. How can I check how much I have earned?

    We provide online stats for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Login with your user name and password to our secure affiliate stats interface page to see how much you've earned and other relevant stats.

  10. What are my responsibilities as an affiliate?

    As an Affiliate, you are responsible for promoting SBETgaming by implementing the advertising, banners and tracking URL's on your websites, e-mails or other communications.


  1. How and when do I get paid?

    We pay our affiliates on the 15th of every month. Depending on the amount due that month, we will send you the money through bank transfer.

  2. What are your payment methods?

    The commissions will be paid by bank transfer as specified by the Affiliate's.

  3. What is the conversion rate being used if I use a different currency other than MYR?

    We usually pay our affiliate commission using MYR. For other currencies, respective exchange rate on the payout date will be applied.


  1. How can I check my account statistics?

    You can login to this page by entering your username and password to check your account details: affiliate.SBETgaming.com

  2. What information is displayed on my stats page?

    SBETgaming Affiliate system displays a very detailed statistic analysis for affiliates in real time, anytime. You will be able to view the exact number of Impressions, Signups of Real accounts, and of course, your share of the profit.

  3. I have checked the online stats for a while, but they haven't changed.

    The database serving the online stats interface is updated once every few hours. The date and time it was last updated is displayed at the top of the stats page.

Account Information

  1. Can I edit my account information? How can I edit it?

    You can't edit your username, affiliate ID and email address. We only support alphanumeric characters for usernames and passwords. Usernames must have at least six (6) alphanumeric characters.

  2. I do not have a website, what should I put in the website URL?

    If you do not have a website, please put it blank.

  3. What to do if I forget my login details?

    Please contact our customer support or please email to [email protected]


  1. How does the tracking link work?

    We use your affiliate ID for your tracking link so we can trace the players joining from your website.

    Example: //SBETgaming.com/my?utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=1234567&refcode=1234567